TRS-80 Emulators for Windows and MS-DOS

Matthew Reed's emulators, utilities, and development tools for TRS-80 Models I/III/4


Z80Asm Version 1.23

May 3, 2016

This release contains several bug fixes:

  • A bug that could cause the wrong bytes to be generated for the SRL opcode is now fixed (thanks to Howard Bowe).
  • Tabs in program listing files now always line up (thanks to Malcolm Macleod).
  • An unterminated string in a source file can no longer cause a crash (thanks to Aaron Brockbank).

The latest version of Z80Asm can be downloaded here: Z80Asm version 1.23

TRSTools Version 1.13

March 21, 2016

This release contains several bug fixes and additions:

  • A bug that caused invalid 40-track JV1 disk images to be created is now fixed (thanks to George Phillips).
  • TRSTools can usually recognize multiple LDOS/LS-DOS partitions in FreHD hard drive images and select those partitions independently (thanks to Don Mankin).
  • Support for handling TRSDOS 2.3B disk images is improved (thanks to Ira Goldklang).

TRSREAD and TRSWRITE are updated to version 4.35 with the same fixes and one new option to support partitions:

  • TRSREAD has a new -p option to select the current partition.

The latest version of TRSTools can be downloaded here: TRSTools version 1.13

The latest versions of TRSREAD and TRSWRITE can be downloaded here: TRSREAD and TRSWRITE version 4.35

TRSTools Version 1.12

April 16, 2014

This release contains one bug fix:

  • TRSTools wasn’t recognizing that some unpatched Model I LDOS 5.3.1 disks needed 2012 date patching. This is now fixed.

TRSTools Version 1.11

August 26, 2013

This release contains one bug fix:

  • TRSTools no longer crashes on some computers when creating a virtual disk (thanks to David Barr and Tom Gee).

TRS32 Version 1.28

August 20, 2013

This release contains a new feature:

  • The registered version of TRS32 now supports the hard disk format I created for my earlier MS-DOS Model I and III emulators. This means that it can read and write hard drive images used by the FreHD hard drive adapter. (Suggested by Andrew Quinn and Ian Mavric and many thanks for testing.)

It also contains several bug fixes:

  • The Epson FX-80 condensed state now persists after a form feed (thanks to Marty Koger).
  • An error sometimes encountered when write-protecting hard drives is now fixed.
  • The behavior is consistent when selecting a hard disk file that has already been selected (thanks to Ira Goldklang).

The latest version of TRS32 can be downloaded here: TRS32 version 1.28

TRSTools Version 1.10

August 5, 2013

This release contains several bug fixes:

  • TRSTools wasn’t recognizing some TRSDOS 1.3 disks that it created itself (thanks to David Barr)
  • The LS-DOS date patches that TRSTools applies were updated to fix a problem with the DIR command (thanks to Garry Howarth)
  • TRSTools wasn’t recognizing certain LDOS/LS-DOS disks that did require the 2012 date patches (thanks to Gary Shanafelt)

TRSREAD and TRSWRITE are updated to version 4.34 with the same bug fixes.

Z80Asm Version 1.20

April 25, 2013

This release contains one bug fix:

  • Some instructions involving the IY register weren’t assembling correctly. This is now fixed (thanks to Aaron Brockbank and Alan Johnson).

TRSTools Version 1.09

March 13, 2013

This release contains several bug fixes:

  • TRSTools can properly recognize LDOS and LS-DOS hard disk images with a volume smaller than its formatted capacity (thanks to Bob Schindler).
  • Even more types of damaged NEWDOS/80 disk images can be recognized.
  • The PDRIVE display is now correct for all NEWDOS/80 hard disk images.
  • The TRSTools file viewer now labels corrupted /CMD files correctly.

TRSREAD and TRSWRITE are updated to version 4.33 with the same bug fixes.

TRSTools version 1.08

January 22, 2013

This release contains many new features and bug fixes:

  • TRSTools now includes read and write support for over thirty-two TRS-80 CP/M formats, including Holmes, Lobo, LNW, Radio Shack, and Montezuma Micro. (Many thanks to Ira Goldklang for testing.)
  • Model I TRSDOS 2.7 and 2.8 are now supported for reading and writing.
  • The “Disk properties” dialog box displays PDRIVE values for NEWDOS/80 disks (suggested by Ira Goldklang).
  • The recognition of NEWDOS/80 disks is much improved. The geometry of even heavily damaged NEWDOS/80 disks can now usually be detected.
  • The built-in file viewer supports MULTIDOS high-resolution images and does a better job recognizing Level II BASIC files.

It also contains several bug fixes:

  • The TRSDOS 1.3 file date and size values are now correct for new files.
  • The graphic display in the file viewer is no longer locked out after a hexadecimal file display (thanks to Ira Goldklang).

TRSREAD and TRSWRITE are updated to version 4.32 with the same bug fixes, added disk formats, and one new feature:

  • TRSREAD has a new -o option to always overwrite files (suggested by Ira Goldklang).

TRS32 Version 1.27

April 2, 2012

This release contains three bug fixes:

  • The bottom three screen pixels are no longer cropped in Model I mode (thanks to Steven Andrews).
  • The shifted behavior of the 7 key on the numeric keypad now matches the other numeric keypad keys (thanks to Gil Hutchins).
  • The odd double-wide behavior upon boot-up of Model I MULTIDOS 1.60P is now fixed (thanks to Ira Goldklang and Vernon Hester).