TRS-80 Emulators for Windows and MS-DOS

Matthew Reed's emulators, utilities, and development tools for TRS-80 Models 1/3/4

Changelog - page 4

TRS32 Version 1.18

January 24, 2008 by Matthew Reed

  • Changed default data rate of new .WAV files and fixed header lengths (Thanks to Knut Roll-Lund)
  • Fixed problem booting Fantastic Software and Melbourne House games (Thanks to Gary Hammond)
  • Fixed random number problem with “The Count” from Adventure International
    (Thanks to Joe Hagen)
  • Added autostart support for more Model I and Model III self-booting disks
  • Added drag-and-drop support for cassette images, disk images, and snapshots (Suggested by Ira Goldklang)
  • Changed help format to HTML Help
  • Changed screen handling to prevent main window from moving off screen when used with an 800 by 600 screen size (Suggested by Gary Shanafelt)
  • Fixed minor problem with button handling of the emulated mouse (Thanks to Gary Shanafelt)

TRS32 Version 1.17

October 13, 2007 by Matthew Reed

  • Fixed problem with booting MICRODOS, which required that the emulated floppy disk controller response be adjusted by 1/100,000th of a second (Thanks to Ira Goldklang)

TRS32 Version 1.16

March 7, 2007 by Matthew Reed

  • Revamped the keyboard handling to better work with CP/M
  • Autostarting now resets the pause state
  • TRSDOS 6.01.00 now autostarts correctly

TRS32 Version 1.15

June 14, 2006 by Matthew Reed

  • Added “Autostart floppy disk” option (Suggested by Ira Goldklang)
  • Tweaked the error handling when mounting a disk image that is already mounted