TRS-80 Emulators for Windows and MS-DOS

Matthew Reed's emulators, utilities, and development tools for TRS-80 Models I/III/4

TRSTools for Windows — A Freeware Utility to Manage TRS-80 Disk Images

TRSTools is a Windows Explorer-like utility that makes it easier to work with virtual disk images. My TRS-80 emulators, like most emulators, use virtual disk images rather than actual floppy disks or hard drives. Virtual disk images are representations of floppy and hard disks and contain the same information as real disks.


With TRSTools you can:

You can also drag and drop files to and from TRSTools and the Windows Explorer.

Supported TRS-80 operating systems

TRSTools supports most TRS-80 operating systems and all file dating schemes, including the extended dating schemes of LDOS/LS-DOS and MULTIDOS, and my new dating scheme that transparently extends LS-DOS/LDOS file dates to 2079. Supported operating systems include:

Integrated file viewer

TRSTools contains an built-in viewer for TRS-80 files. It can preview several different types of TRS-80 file formats, including:


TRSTools is freeware. Remember, however, that TRSTools is not public domain software. All copyrights connected with the program and its accompanying document files remain with me (Matthew Reed).